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“The beauty of the landscape contains a narrative… I listen and I am heard. This relationship with my surroundings is the starting point of my experience with nature.”

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“The sheer scale of the canvases and the prominent textures of oil paint interpret the expanse and rawness of nature in the Pacific North West…”

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“Marleen cherishes the connections that painting have brought into her life! She is so thankful for such a supportive art community and looks forwards to fostering new relationships in the near future.”

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Want to see her work in person?


Follow the link below to learn more about when and where Marleen’s art will be shown next! Throughout the year she does a wide variety of Art Shows including at the Kurbatoff Gallery, the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl, and as part of the 11 Equal Artists.


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What are people saying?

  • "If I didn't know you had painted this, I would have thought I was looking at a microscopic photo! The ice crystals are so fragile looking and the depth of shadow and light are amazing."
  • Your work is the most profound show of love, stay in that place and keep sharing your love... The world is a better place with it! 💕
  • "That is truly beautiful evokes such peace and tranquillity. 🙏❤️ "
  • "A stunning centerpiece for a peaceful space. I could stare at those trees and light for hours, days, years..."
  • "I just got back from a walk in the snow and found your new snow painting. It's gorgeous and you truly capture the beauty of it. It looks so natural and beautiful. You are the master painting nature. Can't wait to see more ❤"
  • This makes me feel as though I am there. <3